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Know your judge to master it

The verb “to judge” means to form an opinion or conclusion about something or someone. Technically, this means that every time you voice your opinion about someone you are in judgement. For me, I think there is a distinction between being judgemental and sharing concern for someone; it comes down to the motives behind the opinion. I try to ask questions such as; “For whose benefit am I having this opinion?”, “Is my opinion a…

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Don’t waste a good trigger

In life we are all triggered. Triggers are far more complex than I have space in this article to go into, but in line with my coaching practice I seek to boil concepts down to their bare essentials. In my experience the sequence of events within us is: trigger -> (stress) response -> fear -> validating experiences from the past -> Original Sensitising Event (OSE). The OSE is where we experienced the fear in that form the very first time, it was then created as a defence…

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Show up as a role model to engage

Whether you awaken to your own spirituality, your need to take care of your mind and body, right the wrongs in society, save animals, reform businesses, etc., you most probalby find a yearning to share your discoveries, and doing so quite enthusiastcally. However, we tend to come up against unexpected resitance, since, “Why would people not want to change for the better as I…

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And set yourself free

When we make absolute statements about our notion of truth, we close the door to our autenthicity. The only way for us to evolve and self-actualise is to continously question our words, our thoughts and our actions. As you can read in my article “The Paradox of Truth Will Set You Free”, truth is not static, it is your perception of your experiences, based on your perception of your past experiences. As we move through life and, hopefully, become more aligned with our authenticity our…

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Show up as the best version of yourself

Why do we have conflict? Why can’t people just get along? Essentially, we show up in our experiences with clinging to our stories, so, whether it is on a global, national or personal scale, we are determined to protect something. This something can be money, resources, people, pride, honour, etc. What we are trying to protect are, in fact, illusions. We should be more…

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Resisting life is the counteraction to flow

Flow is a state of mind and an experience where we are in full alignment with our authentic selves, our passion and purpose. It is a perspective of life where we perceive challenges from a perspective of acceptance and they are no longer unsurmountable obstacles.

Flow does evade most of us; why is that? To answer that, let’s look at the…

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Not allowing experiences becomes your toxicity

Most of us are conditioned to, “suck it up”, “keep your chin up”, “this to shall pass”, etc. Our conditioning from childhood dissallows us from experiencing the challenges of life and the emotions that come with that. Since we learn this from our earliest ages, we then bring that to our own children, and thusly we perpetuate this forced false positivity.

Toxic positivity is essentially where we pretend everything is ok, when, in fact, it isn’t. Doesn’t this contravene all the wonderful anecdotal evidence we have…

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Trusting without proof of trust takes courage

As the magnificient and wise Maya points out, trust requires courage. In our lives as we go through experience after experience, we are conditioned to learn about our external environment, not about how we react to stimuli in that environment. In doing so, we end up building our parameters of trust around what we have learned about others and the experiences we have had with them. The challenges with that are twofold; your external environment and stimuli change and you can’t control anything…

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A challenging paradox

Most of us in the world take freedom as a pillar of our existence. However, externally there are many who are not fully free, such as people in North Korea, China and prisoners. There certainly are other countries where freedoms are curtailed, but they would be too numerous to list here. The spectrum of collective freedom, going from absolutely curtailed to absolutely unlimited. The latter is an oxymoron because with absolutely…

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The missing Elements

Law of Attraction is the concept that you attract what you hold in your mind. However, that is only part of the story. It is like paining a painting without any passion or feeling, no one will buy it, it lacks that something extra. The same goes for visualisation, if you don’t add the feeling, there is no value. Law of Attraction is considered one of the Universal Laws, similar to the Laws of Physics, but for metaphysics.

The idea is that if you can see it in your…

Christopher Lembke

I am an avid, if not frequent, blogger on the topics of healing, philosophy, society and humanity and how they might relate to business and ourselves.

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