The Paradox of Truth Will Set You Free

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Truth alone won’t

What is truth?

However, have you ever asked yourself who gives you the answer to your question? Is it the pure essence of yourself or is it your Ego with all the programming and influences from your family, religion, community, culture, etc, that comes up with the answer? It is usually when you ask this particular question that your life turns upside down and you start to question and reevaluate everything, which is a very healthy pursuit, however challenging it is. If you are “straying from the herd” relying on your own inherit truth you could end up ostracised from your safety net and your community, but you still pursue your truth. This is how important truth is to some of us, we are willing to sacrifice our worldly securities for our integrity and truth.

Whether it be your religious/spiritual views, political views, cultural views or any other views that you hold as your truth, there is at least one more viewpoint to it that would be someone else’s truth. So if there are many aspects of truth around each subject matter, which truth is then the “ultimate” truth? If you are a religious person, what would happen if you questioned the truth propagated by your religious authority? What would happen if humanity questioned their truths all at once? Would we not come up with new truths in the new paradigm that we would find ourselves in? Hence, we would switch one truth for another, simply just gyrating around to another truth facet of the subject matter.

The paradox of truth

As humans, having a human experience, we need “truths” to experience life through. It allows us to experience our full range of emotions because we have a benchmark from which we judge our experiences; our individual truths. Ultimately, as our search has reviewed enough truths, we ought to come to the conclusion that no or all truths must be true, they all coexist in the paradoxes of truths. Our human minds cannot even begin to define “all that is”, so we have spent millennia coming up with a wide spectrum of variations of how we perceive the concept and thus have come up with a plethora of religions. Who is to say that any religion is correct, they might all be right, or might all be wrong at the same time. The truth of this and any other subject that is judged from the perspective of “truth”, are in paradoxes.

Covid 19

Coming to the realisation that truth is a paradox brought me a tremendous sense of relief. Understanding truth as a paradox set me, at least that part of me, free. It allowed me further detach from the sufferings that one experiences in life. It also opens up space for me to consider any truth presented to me from the perspective of the paradox. This, in turn, allows to me fully embrace a compassionate and objective view propagating peace and understanding. Ask yourself, “What would happen if humanity as a whole viewed truth as a paradox?”. I want to hear your answer!

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

Originally published at The Alchemy Experience.

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